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Ventilation equipment, fans

Currency exchange:
= 13.75  
Name Note Price Reference
Axial fan 9 200**¥
Centrifugal fan 4 200¥
Flexible air duct with air helix LSUJ-65/28 production equipment 280 000¥ On site
Flexible polymeric air duct diameter 500mm
diameter 600mm
diameter 700mm
80 ¥/m
90 ¥/m
On site
Flexible polymeric air duct; production equipment Production line 280 000¥ On site
Industrial fan fan blade cover 1 400¥
Mine fan productivity is 100-240 m3/sec. 1 300 000¥
Mine fan FSDZ#32 (DK 62)
High voltage inverter DM 6kv 2 pcs.
1 549 200¥
741 600¥
Mine fan FCDBZ-12-38 4 633 500¥

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