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Processig and storage of agricultural products

Currency exchange:
= 14.53  
Name Note Price Reference
Fruit stone removal and slicing equipment Fruit stone removal machine
Cutting machine JY-Q350
Onion, garlic and pepper cutting equipment
120 000¥
69 000¥
27 000¥
On site
Packing equipment 26 000¥ On site
Sublimation. Cold method 1 320 000¥ On site
Vacuum dried vegetables and fruits equipment The production line
vegetable washing machine
vegetable cutting machine LHUC-QUD350
Packing machine
420 000¥
44 000¥
40 000¥
88 000¥
26 000¥
On site
Vegetable and fruit quick freeze equipment equipment
packing machine
1 600 000¥
26 000¥
On site
Wheat and grain bagging equipment Bagging machine
PVC package sorting machine
187 000¥
100 000¥
On site

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Pricese are changed and added periodicaly
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